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1st District

District Representative: Oscar "Richard" S. Garin, Jr. (17th Congress (2016-2019)

Municipalities of the 1st District of Iloilo
Municipality Classification Land Area (Has.) No. of Barangays Population (2015 census) Distance from theCity (kms)
Oton First 8,456 37 89,115 10.2
Tigbauan Second 6,062 52 62,706 22.5
Tubungan Fourth 3,460 48 22,449 41.1
Igbaras Third 15,243 46 32,004 40.0
Guimbal Fourth 4,448 33 33,820 29.0
Miag-ao First 13,286 119 67,565 40.5
San Juaquin Second 23,135 85 51,892 53.0
The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF SAN JOAQUIN is considered to be the only militatistic church in the Philippines. It was declared as a national shrine in 1974. The construction of the churh in 1859 and finished in 1869.
The SAN JUAQUIN CEMETERY was built in 1892 it is a famous for is 20-step ascending stairway leading to a grandiose hexagonal mortuary chapel popularly known as “Camposanto.”
The St. JOHN OF SAHAGUN PARISH in Tigbauan is considered to be the oldest existing church in Western Visayas. Constructed in 1578. on its churchyard remained a maker of the site of the first Jesuit boarding school for boys in the Philippines establishing in 1592.
The BANTAYAN or Moro watchtower is one of the most valuable ruins built centuries ago and maintains a noticable and significant historic integrity to the people of Guimbal along with TAYTAY TIGRE, the smallest stone bridge in Iloilo where tiger stone structures are placed in both sides.
Not to be missed is the Baroque-Romanesque style of St. THOMAS OF VILLANOVA PARISH of Miagao, dclared as a National Shrine in 1973 and was included in the World Heritage List, the only one in the Visayas and Mindanao, under UNESCO n 1993. TAYTAY BONI in Miagao is considered to be one of the nine surviving Spanish Bridges in the Philippines. The weaving industry of Miagao and Igbaras boats of a long history that dates back to the later part of the spanish era.