Prepare For Calamity Months

Create: Mon, 04/24/2023 - 08:57
Author: PICAO

During the flag ceremony on Monday, April 24, Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr. instructed the Capitol department heads to start preparing for the typhoon season and calamity months.

Defensor said that the upcoming months are marked by a high incidence of various diseases, particularly dengue. The second half of the year is also considered a monsoon season.

The governor also thanked and congratulated the employees for successfully holding the 122nd Semana sang Iloilo on April 11-14.

“I hope that the 122nd Semana sang Iloilo celebration gave us a break and we will emerge out of it with renewed strength and vigour to face the months ahead of us when we expect more challenges than the previous months,” Defensor said.