Provincial Treasurer's Office

Head of Office
Jean Maire G. Umadhay
Provincial Treasurer / PGDH
Contact Number
328 7904 / 328 7900 (Loc. 104) Admin
328 7905 / 328 7900 (Loc. 105) Bayad Center
328 7907 Cash Receipts and Disbursement Division
+6333 337 1780 Field Supervision Division
+6333 3287911 Internal Control
328 7956 Tax Enforcement Division


Location: 1st Floor Left Wing, Iloilo Provincial Capitol, Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City

Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday except Holidays. No Noon breaks

Services Offered:

  1. Issuance of Accountable Forms
  2. Processing of Appointments of Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers of LGUs
  3. Written Response on Complaints, Queries and Other Concerns
  4. Payment of Claims Thru Cash
  5. Releasing of Payment of Claims Thru Check
  6. Computation and Payment of Real Property Tax
  7. Computation and Payments of Transfer Tax of Real Property
  8. Payment of Franchise Tax
  9. Payment of Annual Fixed Tax
  10. Payment of Professional Tax
  11. Payment of Tax On Sand, Gravel and other Quarry Resources, Permit Fee, Verification Fee, Oath Fee, Delivery Receipt, River Profiling and Compromise Penalty
  12. Payment of Secretary’s Fees and Charges
  13. Computation and Payments of Real Property Tax on CARP Covered Property/Ies
  14. Receipt of Liquidation of Provincial Tax Share, Refunds and Other Miscellaneous Receipts
  15. Receipt of Liquidation Reports of Provincial Tax Shares
  16. Receipt and Processing of Notices of Delinquency (NODs) for Signature of the Provincial Treasurer
  17. Redemption of Auctioned Real Properties
  18. Issuance of Final Deed to Purchaser (FDP)
  19. Release of Auction Documents for LRA Registration
  20. Refund of Bidder’s Payments with Interests of Auctioned Real Property
  21. Issuance of Affidavit of Seller / Transferor
  22. Requests for Certified Copies of Auctioned Real Properties
  23. Requests for Certifications Related to Auctioned Real Properties
  24. Processing of Vouchers/Payrolls for Cash Availability
  25. Processing of Payment of Claims Thru ATM

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