Red & Green Christmas: Capitol Dedicates Christmas To Food Security Renewable Energy

Create: Wed, 12/14/2022 - 15:17
Author: Louine Conserva

To make the holiday celebration more meaningful, the province of Iloilo is holding the Red & Green Christmas at the Capitol on December 16, 2022, dedicated to food security and renewable energy campaign.

“Since we are celebrating Christmas, we want to tie it up to our mandates and make use of the resources and time that we give to it,” according to Gov. Arthur Defensor Jr.

There will be a Red Zone sa Kapitolyo Christmas Pork festival which will be highlighted with the launching of Tahum (Tapak, Hugas kag Malimpyo nga Pagpakaon) Campaign or the provincial government’s minimum biosecurity standards for African Swine Fever (ASF).

Tahum Campaign promotes heightened biosecurity measures such as stepping on sanitizing footbath mats before entering the household and farms; frequent handwashing and regular disinfection of farms; and safe feeding using clean water and hog feeds from reputable and ASF-free sources.

Governor Defensor said the frontline strategy of the province against ASF is strengthening the resilience of backyard farmers and boosting the swine industry.

“We are now in the middle of our fight against ASF and we do not want to lose this fight,” he said.

There will also be a launching of the Iloilo Province Goes Renewable Energy (Iloilo Pro-GReEn) Program which promotes the development and utilization of renewable energy as well as implements an energy efficiency and conservation program. It coincides with the celebration of National Energy Consciousness Month by the Department of Energy.

The province of Iloilo has been championing renewable energy with the institutionalization of its Iloilo Provincial Renewable Energy Plan (I-PREP) which identifies the plans, programs, and activities that will promote the exploration, development, and commercialization of RE systems across the province.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan also passed Resolution No. 2022-482 or the Iloilo Provincial Ordinance for Renewable Energy (I-PORE) which promotes the development, utilization, and commercialization of renewable energy sources.

Defensor said the provincial government has always welcomed the prospects of renewable energy in the province.

He said renewable energy is not just an advocacy but a practical situation in addressing higher coal prices following the recent war between Ukraine and Russia.

“We have power generators in the Visayas that are dependent on coal as fuel. So it affects our energy prices and our energy supply. So that is why we are aggressive on transitioning to other sources of energy,” he said.

The afternoon program will be followed by the launching of the food festival at Capitol Park which will run until December 22, 2022. A variety of food and drinks will be offered to range from BBQ, inasal, snacks, milk tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, among others.

It will cap off with a fireworks display at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol Grounds at 6 p.m. in partnership with Iloilo Supermart.

“Let us do this in the season of Christmas. And this celebration is for tourism also,” added the governor. (LHC/Capitol news)