Vision Mission

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Livable, resilient, progressive and globally competitive Iloilo.


A local government unit committed to provide equitable distribution of resources and opportunities through good governance.

Strategic Goals

  1. Increase Investment and Employment Opportunities
  2. Food Security
  3. To provide accessible health and social services
  4. To protect and sustainably manage the resources of the province
  5. To provide effective, efficient and transparent government services.

Service Pledge

We, the employees of the ILOILO PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT bear witness to our work, believing in each man’s worth; with enlightened conviction and steadfast belief in our service to our people; empowered with adequate awareness of shared responsibility infused in us, with veracity that abide in us, and the aim for excellence to direct us.

We Commit To: 

  • Deliver services to our clients without delay.  
  • Conduct operations of each transaction with ease.
  • Provide attention to our clients’ needs with sensitivity.
  • Supply information for requirements, fees, policies and directions with exactness.
  • Cope with the challenges of up–to–date use of technology to provide services with readiness.
  • Be open to opportunities for training and learning to ensure our competence in the service with vitality.
  • Serve as the central information and source of support for the Municipalities of the Province of Iloilo attending other request with equality.

WE SERVE to fulfill this journey with the divine blessings and fidelity to GOD.