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Municipal Seal of Janiuay
Jojo De Paula
Vice Mayor: 
Joseph H. Lutero
+63 33 531 8719
+63 33 330 0175
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Janiuay is a first-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 63,031 people. The municipality is located 33 kilometres (21 mi) north-west of Iloilo City. It was created in 1769.

In the summer of 1578, the natives of Tala-ugis trudged up from the coast to establish a settlement northward in the interior along Suage River. The first settlers were led by families of Gamuk, Hutikon, Uganet and Pagdakton, who settled themselves in what is currently known as barangays Matag-ub, Danao, Yabon and Quipot.

More than a century later, Spaniards came along these parts of Panay.

Early in 1738, Datu Buhawi of Yabon recognized the Spanish government, thus subjugating himself and his barangay to Spanish rule. But, Datu Dumagtol of nearby Ubian refused to follow suit. He led his subjects to the mountains to resist against the Spanish colonizers.

The Spanish governor Francisco Bayot de Ocampo recommended to the Principalía to transfer the seat of government, and in the following year (1770), the settlements were strengthened in their administration in what they called "Janiuay". While there is no certainty, there are several legends of how the place got its name. One is that it came from the ruling Datu's sons named "Han" and "Oway". Another is that the words "hani" (whisper) and "oway" (rattan) were combined.