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Municipal Seal of Maasin
Mariano M. Malones
Vice Mayor: 
Francis Amboy
+63 33 333 0299 /
+63 33 333 2932
+63 33 333 2931
+63 33 333 2905
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Maasin is a fourth class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 35,069 people.

The Municipality of Maasin is located at the west central part of the Iloilo Province, boundering the northeastern part by the Municipality of Janiuay, on east by the Municipality of Cabatuan, on the south by the Municipality of Alimodian and on the northwestern by the mountain ranges of the Province of Antique. It has a total land area of 17,110 has. including the 6,150 has. of the watershed with terrain ranging from the plain to strongly hilly and mountainous. The town is composed of fifty (50) barangays with the distance of approximately thirty (30) kilometers from the City of Iloilo. As of 2010, total population of the municipality reaches up 35, 069 according to the population census of the National Statistics Office.

Maasin, being a terminal town and a third (3rd) class municipality has only but limited sources of income to finance and sustain its mounting needs and demands for its development projects. Although there has been struggling for economic accomplishments and economic stability and developmental before, it is an undeniable fact that great changes were apparent in the physical and financial status of our municipality as compared to Maasin eleven (11) years ago.

The present status of Maasin is a long way far from where it has been decades back. People in far-flung barangays now enjoy a bit of comforts in life, in terms of transportation facilities due to farm to market roads that were constructed and maintained by the municipality. People could now deliver their native products in a fast and easy way through accessible roads and bridges that connect them. Infrastructure projects, roads and bridges are the most transparent evidence of a well-developed town. And as for the electrification project, almost all of the fifty (50) barangays benefited from it even the farthest barangays of Dagami and Trangka which brings a lesser threat of danger in open lights as compared to darkened alleys and streets before.

Maasin gives lifeblood to the City of Iloilo including the municipalities of Cabatuan, Sta. Barbara and Pavia by being the cradle of watershed, dam, and sedimentation basin that produce safe and potable water for its people. The Metro Iloilo Water District Dam is located in Barangay Daja with its sedimentation at Barangay Buntalan. The watershed has a total area of 6, 150 has.. The number of tributary creeks from the area flow through a major river called Tigum.