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New Lucena

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Christian Sorongon
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Erwin Sustento
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New Lucena is a fourth class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 22,174 people.[3] The "New" in the name was added in 1955.

New Lucena was formerly known as Jimanban, a very small barrio organized sometime in 1800, which was a part of the Municipality of Cabatuan. Jimanban was derived from the word “nagapanghimanban” which means clearing the place of banban grass in preparation for planting of palay. Later the Spanish authorities changes the H to J so it became Jimanban. In 1866, the boundary line separating the jurisdiction of Sta. Barbara and Cabatuan was defined and Jimanban was made part of Sta. Barbara. Intermarriage among the people increased the area’s population.

Lead by Bartolome Valenzuela , a prominent resident of the barrio (Jimanban), the residents organized themselves and petitioned the Governor General that they be granted independence by putting up a church, convent, and a casa real (municipal building). With the help of the Provincial Officials and Captain Municipal of the Municipalities of Sta. Barbara, Cabatuan, and Pototan, Lucena was separated from Sta. Barbara on October 9, 1877 in accordance with the Direccion General De Administracion Civil. The first Municipal Officials were elected and the first Captain Municipal was Bartolome Valenzuela known as Tan Abo, the grandfather of the late Senator Tomas Confessor and Representative Patricio Confessor.

It is not recorded when Jimanban was changed to New Lucena but Lucena reportedly comes from dialect Lu (Ulo) which means "head" and "cena" which is the short version for the flower azucena, which means pure and peaceful. Thus, Lucena means pure and peaceful leader.

Another belief was that, Jimanban was changed to Lucena after the name of the Provincial Alcalde Mayor Pedro Gonzales Lucena, the 36th Executive of the Province of Iloilo in 1716-1717.

When the Americans came, Pueblo de lucena was again in incorporated to the Municipal of Sta. Barbara in 1902 for economic security and facilitation of government. In 1921, the prominent cicitizens of Lucena petioned for its separation from Sta. Barbara. On January 1, 1947, Lucena became a new town in the Province of Iloilo, thus it is now called New Lucena.