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San Enrique

San Enrique Municipal Seal
Rosario Mediatrix "Trixie" P. Fernandez
Vice Mayor: 
Ernesto "Totong" P. Palomado
+63 33 351 0314
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San Enrique is a third class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. This town is located 55 km from the province's capital. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 32,422 people.

San Enrique was known by its name on May 24, 1881. Popularly called Barrio Bontok before this date, it was organized as a pueblo through the persistent of the rich influential residents namely: Capitanes Modesto Palabrica, Manuel Paez and Apolinario Palabrica, together with an ex- barrio teniente Simon Padios. It stood as a Pueblo with its own streets and church. These roughly done infrastructures were solely done through the Tawili System.

The changing of the name Bontok to San Enrique carried another story. It was once the old folk’s tradition to have a patron saint in every pueblo. Hearsays are quite uniform in stating that the act of choosing San Enrique to be the town patron saint was intentionally done; that is in honour of the incumbent Spanish Governor of Iloilo named Enrique. It was found out however that the act in making San Enrique as a town’s patron saint could not be pushed through because of financial problems. Hence, when a fellow named Simon Padios, offered the image of Auxilium Christianorum, the people gladly accepted the offer. By the virtue of a Real Orden from King Alfonso XII in 1879, the “Pueblo de San Enrique” was established with the fusion of “Visita de Abaca”. When the priest of Passi heard of the incident, he admonished the people by saying that the spirit of San Enrique would be displeased. The priest further suggested that in order to appease the spirit of saint, they should name pueblo Bontok as pueblo San Enrique. That placed on the record, the Municipality of San Enrique was first established in 1881 capable of self-government and determination.