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Capitol Launches Sports Developmental Clinic

Create: 11/09/2016 - 15:08
Capitol Launches Sports Developmental Clinic

Dr. Raymundo Lapating, director of the Center for Sports and Physical Fitness (CSPF) of the Province of Iloilo, speaks before the young basketball enthusiasts who participated in the basketball clinic conducted in Oton, Iloilo on October 22, 2016.

The Center for Sports and Physical Fitness (CSPF) of the Province of Iloilo has launched a sports developmental clinic for the youth ranging from 17 years old and below. The sports clinic is in preparation for the upcoming Governor Defensor Sports Developmental League.

Conducted in the months of October and November, the sports clinic covers basketball, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, football and volleyball. Retired schools division superintendent Dr. Raymundo Lapating, CSPF director, said they have identified seven training centers where the sports clinics were conducted, namely, Oton, Leganes, Maasin, Miag-ao, Passi City and Sara. Lapating said the training centers were designed to focus on sports disciplines where most of the youths are competent.

“Through this activity, we may be able to discover players or athletes who we can further develop to represent our province in future sports competitions,” Lapating said.  For instance in basketball, kids were taught the correct handling and dribbling of the ball, the needed exercise for physical conditioning, the proper shooting, and the defensive stances.

In lawn tennis, kids were trained on proper service, drills for agility and stamina and ball reception.

Lapating said, by the end of the program they expect to discover good and quality athletes who could probably bring medals and pride to the province of Iloilo.

To recall, Gov. Arthur Defensor, Sr. has set a new direction to the sports program of the province by appointing Dr. Lapating. Under the helm of Lapating, CSPF was revitalized with the task of strengthening the sports development program of the province. 

Sports development program in Iloilo Province

Young basketball enthusiasts in Oton, Iloilo joining the basketball clinic.