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Philippine Independence Day

Independence Day 2016

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Photo 1: Gov. Arthur Defensor, Sr. leads the wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of General Martin Delgado, leader of the revolutionaries of Panay who fought the Spanish colonizers, at the plaza of Santa Barbara, Iloilo after the flag-raising ceremony commemorating the 118th Anniversary of the Declaration of Philippine Independence. Behind him is Santa Barbara Mayor Dennis Superficial.

JRMP Law turns 55 today : NIA Welcomes 2nd Stage Implementation within the year

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The law specifically provides that law “There shall be constructed at the Jalaur River in the Province of Iloilo, based on plans and specifications duly approved by the Secretary of Public Works and Communications, a multi-purpose project, to be known as the Jalaur Multi-Purpose Project, hereinafter called the Project, for the purposes of regulating and controlling floods caused by the Jalaur River, storing its waters and using them to irrigate agricultural lands in the Jalaur Valley, and generating and transmitting electric power and energy”.

Transcript of Gov Defensor' Speech during the 117th Phil Independence

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"I started participating in the celebration of Independence Day when I was a boy scout. That was many many years back. It never crossed my mind that the President of the Republic of the Philippines would celebrate Independence Day in Iloilo. It is the greatest thing that ever happened to Iloilo in so far as Independence Day is concerned.

Guv returns to work after successful surgeries

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ILOILO – After 21 days of recuperating, Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. returned to his post on June 11, a day before the most historic event in the city and province of Iloilo this year – hosting of 117th Philippine Independence Day and Vin d’Honneur. Wearing his write polo, grey slacks and black leather shoes, the chief executive and his wife, Cosette, arrived in Iloilo Provincial Capitol past 1:00 pm to welcome President Benigno Aquino III.