2nd District

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District Representative: Michael B. Gorriceta (18th Congress (2019-2021)

Municipalities of the 2nd District of Iloilo
Municipality Classification Land Area (Has.) No. of Barangays Population (2020 census) Distance from the City (kms)
Leganes Fourth 3,216 18 34,725 10.9
Pavia Second 3,502 18 70,388 9.6
Zarraga Fourth 8,253 24 27,305 15.7
New Lucena Fourth 4,412 21 24,314 25.0
Santa Barbara Second 7,748 60 67,630 15.6
San Miguel Fourth 2,134 24 30,115 16.0
Alimodian Third 14,480 51 39,722 24.6
Leon Second 14,013 85 51,990 28.2


Map of the Second District of the Province of IloiloThe second district if Iloilo province has protected areas of flourishing zoological and botanical landscape. it has heritage areas that offer a good trek for the adventurous in spirit. It is a haven for hikers and mountain climbers.

Visiting this districts is a sensory adventure with its kaleidoscope of colorful festivals, rich culinary traditions and famous monuments. The area around has many spectacular spots such as waterfalls splashing all year round, caves and thick forests forming a very peaceful landscape.

Bucari in Leon, Iloilo offers splendidly cool climate. With small wooden cottages, misty mountain tops, romantic pine forests- these mountainous town is a wonderful hide-out from the city. Several jeepney and vans leave the terminal in Barangay Desamparados, Jaro Iloilo City for the towns of San Miguel, Alimodian and Leon.