3rd District

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Municipalities of the 3rd District of Iloilo
Municipality Classification Land Area (Has.) No. of Barangays Population (2020 Census) Distance from the City (kms)
Cabatuan Second 8,248 68 61,110 24.2
Mina Fifth 4,335 22 24,042 44.0
Pototan First 9,131 50 78,298 29.0
Maasin Third 15,658 50 38,461 29.5
Janiuay First 17,910 60 66,786 29.0
Badiangan Fourth 7,750 31 27,056 39.0
Lambunao First 24,692 73 81,236 48.0
Calinog First 23,280 59 62,853 59.3
Bingawan Fifth 8,500 14 16,164 68.0


Map of the Third District of the Province of IloiloVisits to its destinations makes good day trips. The West Visayas State University-College of Agricultural and Forestry, Lambunao campus in Barangay Jayubo is a 2.5 hectare agri-eco park and a rescue and captive breeding center of prominent waterfalls amidst majestic trees and flora endemic to the area. The indigenous people of Lambunao, the Bukidnons ,occupy the higher mountain area of the municipality and are known for its variety and richness of its Binanog dance enhance by colorful costumes and complex gong-bamboo musical accompaniment.

One of the main players in Badiagan’s backyard industries is weaving. It became a popular income-generating activity in the communitySawali-making or interwoven of strips coming from smaller variety of the bamboo plant that is used for walling is a livelihood source in Maasin. Pototan is popularly known as the Rice Granary of Panay with its 6,414 hectares from its land area is devoted for planting rice with its best varieties.

The lakatan, considered to be the elite of the banana varieties are grown on huge plantations in Lambunao. Numerous jeepneys run daily from this terminal to the municipalities of Maasin, Lambunao,Leon and Calinog. Vans and buses are also available to get to Calinog at the PAVIA PEOPLE TERMINAL in Barangay Ungka-II, Pavia.Iloilo.

After about 20 mins. travel from this this terminal you come to the oldest existing golf course in Iloilo built in 1907. There are several jeepneys from this terminal to the municipalities of Cabatuan, New Lucena,Janiuay, Badiangan and Inca Lambunao daily. Vans also run several times daily to Lambunao and Calinog at the ILOILO-BUS-JEEPNEY TERMINAL fronting Christ the King Memorial Park in Jaro, Iloilo City.