5th District

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Municipalities of the 5th District of Iloilo
Municipality Classification Land Area (Has.) No. of Barangays Population (2020 Census) Distance from theCity (kms)
Barotac Viejo Third 14,230 26 48,614 60.4
San Rafael Fifth 14,578 9 17,795 72.0
Lemery Fourth 11,990 31 31,414 110.7
Ajuy Second 19,346 34 53,462 91.9
Sara Second 18,300 42 54,637 97.0
Concepcion Third 9,702 25 44,633 111.4
San Dionisio Fourth 12,667 29 39,048 111.8
Batad Fifth 4,476 24 22,157 120.0
Balasan Fourth 4,100 23 35,064 134.0
Estancia Second 3,197 25 53,200 135.5
Carles Second 11,202 33 72,637 147.6

Map of the Fifth District of the Province of IloiloDesired for its kilometers of beautiful coastline, the northern portion of the province offers the best possibilities for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Its island-hopping activities are serenely set in a sea whose waters range from palest aquamarine and turquoise to deepest sapphire and lapis lazuli and are treaded by an unbroken line of white sand. They are linked to the mainland by motorized banca from its municipal port.

A whole row of resorts are found in the area. One can also take a few interesting day trips in the eastern central portion of Iloilo Province to see historical sites and structures such as churches as well as natural underground spaces such as caves. Transport connections within the northern and eastern central portions of Iloilo Province are fairly good.

To get to the towns within these areas, busses and jeepneys are available daily at NORTHERN CENTRAL ILOILO TRANSPORT TERMINAL, INC in Barangay Tagbak, Jaro,Iloilo City. An air-conditioned bus (Ceres) rub daily to Barotac Viejo, Ajuy (Culasi), Ajuy , Sara , Batad, Balasan, Estancia and Carles. A van is available to get to the towns of San Rafael and San Dionsio. The JOROSHELY NORTH BOUND TERMINAL in Barangay Tagbak, Jaro in Iloilo City has vans that run daily to the towns of Barotac Viejo and Estancia in Iloilo Province.

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