Dietary Supplementation For Calinog Kids

Create: Wed, 10/18/2023 - 19:48
Author: PICAO

Gov. Toto Defensor graced the Dietary Supplementation program for 65 malnourished children in Calinog sponsored by Daewoo through former Senator Frank Drilon. 

Gov emphasized that Malnutrition is a food security issue, so the Jalaur Dam will provide water access to our agricultural land and would improve the production of Palay and other food sources thereby addressing food insecurity thereby correcting hunger which eventually leads to malnutrition. 

He thanked Senator Drilon for making it possible. He also thanked Negrense volunteers for change for this Mingo Meals project which will feed the children for 365 days. Thank you for this partnership Ma’am Millie Kilayko & Ma’am Mariel Cacho Tolentino.

Meanwhile, Mayor Francis Calvo Francis L. Calvo expressed his gratitude to Senator Frank Drilon and Daewoo and lobbied to increase the number of children to avail of the Mingo meals.

(From: IPHO chief Dr. Maria Socorro Colmenares-Quinon)