Iloilo Capitol Aims For A Rabies-Free Province In 2026

Create: Tue, 11/07/2023 - 13:16
Author: PICAO

The Iloilo Provincial Rabies Prevention and Control Committee held its last quarter meeting today, November 7, 2023, at JP Cantina, General Hughes St., Iloilo City to further strengthen the implementation of the Rabies Prevention and Control Program in Iloilo Province. It was attended by members of the newly reorganised Committee.

The meeting tackled some developments which include the status of animal bites and an updated report on the coverage of dog vaccination in the province of Iloilo. As per the record of the Provincial Veterinary Office, the dog mass vaccination coverage in the province from the 1st to 3rd quarter of 2023 is 73.54%  (222,298 heads vaccinated) as compared to 53.06% last year or a total of 162,575.

Despite the rising percentage of vaccinated dogs in the current year, canine rabies positive reached to 53 with towns of Guimbal, New Lucena and Carles registering 1 human rabies death in their respective municipality.

The objective of the Rabies Control Committee is to respond to this public health concern and eradicate the disease. To achieve this goal, Iloilo province has enjoined LGUs to implement the following initiatives:

• actively implement the existing Provincial and Municipal Ordinances on Rabies Control 
• should have an active and functional rabies control committee
• aim for the highest dog vaccinations
• expansion of Animal Bite Treatment Centers in the Rural Health Units and district hospitals

Governor Arthur Defensor Jr. acting as chairman of the Provincial Rabies Control Committee is aiming for a Rabies-Free province by the year 2026. Eradicating rabies through rabies-free areas will help attract tourists with Iloilo province being developed as a tourist destination.

With the recently conducted validation of the Top 10 LGUs for 2023 with best practices in the implementation of the national rabies prevention and control program of the Department of Agriculture namely the towns of Oton, Pavia, Sta. Barbara, Leganes, Dingle, Dumangas, Banate, Anilao, Ajuy, and Concepcion, the Iloilo Provincial Government will also give awards to the top 3 LGUs the announcement of which will be done during the upcoming Health Summit on November 29.

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