Revival Of The Blindness Prevention Program

Create: Wed, 11/08/2023 - 13:45
Author: PICAO

Text and photos by Provincial Administrator Dr. Raul Banias:

"Today we met with Dra Karen Rivera Francia and Dra Marissa Tubola, leading members of the Ophthalmological Society and with Dr Alberto Cordero, COH of IPH and earlier with Dr Paz Calopiz of the HMO.

We are planning how to revive and reboot our Blindness Prevention Program and allocate funding support to the program.

These two esteemed ophthalmologists, while both are private medical specialists, are devoted to the prevention of blindness especially caused by cataracts.

Dra Maws regularly sees patients at IPH and also operates at the same hospital. We have agreed that through the funds of IPH, we will regularly procure a Cataract Operation Kit so that we can cater to the many cataract patients in the province who can’t afford to have the procedure in private hospitals.

Thank you, Dr Karen and Dra Maws."