Municipal Seal of Guimbal
1st District
Janette Garin-Colada
Janette G. Colada
Vice Mayor
Mary Ann Lujan
Contact Number
+63 33 315 5277
+63 33 331 0683
+63 33 315 5277
+63 33 330 0309


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Guimbal is a fourth-class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. It has been cited by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry as most business-friendly local government unit, 4th -6th class municipal category in Western Visayas, and the cleanest and greenest town in Iloilo. With a 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) shoreline facing the blue waters of the Panay Gulf, it has attracted tourists from different places because of its scenic beaches and inland resorts.

Guimbal produces mango in Iloilo as well as other seasonal fruits. Farming and fishing are among the main sources of livelihood of its people.

The first reference to Guimbal by such name in Spanish records appeared in Father Coco’s appendix to Medina’s “The History of the Agustinian Order in the Philippines” Where it referred to the establishment of a convento in Guimbal, Iloilo in 1590.

A closer fact compared to some other writings showed that the name of the municipality was derived from a musical instrument called guimbal. The Spaniards discovered the settlers using the instrument to warn the people of the coming of the raiding Moro pirates who used to loot the town and capture the natives to be sold as slaves in Mindanao. To show gratitude to the instrument, with high spirit and pride as the unconquered people, the inhabitants named their settlement Guimbal.