Capitol Chief Officiates at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Create: Thu, 07/29/2021 - 09:47
Author: admin

The Iloilo Provincial Government is so proud that Dr. Ma. Janelyn T. Fundal, Chief of Office/PGDH of Iloilo Sports Management and Development Office is among one of the four female Asian umpires officiating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is filled with so many amazing athletes competing for the chance to step on the podium of the world’s biggest sporting event. But it is important to remember those on the sidelines, including the umpires on court. Let's give them a round of applause in working hard in keeping the integrity of the games.

This year, four amazing female Asian Umpires are officiating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

  1. Liu Yun (CHN)
  2. Qomarul Lailiah (INA)
  3. Ma Janelyn T Fundal (PHI)
  4. Kristil Tan Ai Teng (MAS)

It is wonderful to see more female umpires on court this year in Tokyo. Let’s continue to fight for more gender equity both on and off the court!