OCA Of Iloilo Health Workers Dependent On DOH

Create: Wed, 12/21/2022 - 12:55
Author: PICAO

The Iloilo provincial government is not in control of the release of One COVID-19 Allowance (OCA) for health workers, particularly the more than 1,000 municipal vaccinators of the province.

Municipal vaccinators that served from January to June 2022 have yet to receive their OCA from the Department of Health (DOH). They are supposed to receive PhP 9,000 per month as they belong to the high-risk exposure classification.

To recall, Gov. Arthur Defensor, Jr. initiated the hiring of vaccinators to augment the vaccination teams of the municipalities in a bid to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination.

Vivian Salmon, Supervising Administrative Officer of the Provincial Health Office, said they have complied with and submitted all the requirements stipulated in the OCA guidelines which came out on Feb. 10, 2022, through DOH and Department of Budget Management (DBM) Joint Circular No. 2022-0001.

Submissions of documents are made online every end of the month through the OCA Information System.

Salmon, however, said that they frequently encountered problems in uploading documents due to system errors.

She said they already asked the help of DOH-6 Regional Director Dr Adriano Suba-an relative to their uploading difficulty, but the problem persisted.

She acknowledged that two complaints were already lodged at the government’s complaint hotline 8888 regarding the delayed release of OCA of Iloilo health workers. Still, they are not in control of it.

She added, they have already complied with everything that is being asked of them since March 2022 and the ball is already in the hands of the DOH as the OCA funds were not downloaded to the province.

Salmon said the latest information they received from DOH Region 6 is that the OCA payroll for the months of January and February is now being processed by the DOH and may be released soon. 

(ECG/ Capitol News)

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